Mountain Goat Hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska

Mountain goats on Kodiak Island are the result of a transplanting 18 goats in 1950, near Hidden Basin. The current population is about 3,000 goats. They are harvested by a permit system and we will help you through this simple process.

Mountain goats are usually found in rocky/steep terrain and are very challenging hunt. Therefore, my Kodiak island mountain goat hunts are lightweight backpack style hunts and there will be a packer and guide on each adventure. You can expect to spend most of the time hiking in the mountains to get to goat country. It is a beautiful place to be and experience from these peaks.

Kodiak Island is well known for having exceptional trophy mountain goat. We are experienced using various techniques to judge a trophy goat and our goal is to only shoot mature billies.

Things to look for on a Trophy Mountain Goat

  • Horns that curve back gradually for the entire length of the horn are an indication of a billy. Nannies will have straighter horns that curve more rapidly near the tip.
  • Billies will have more massive horns that are wider at the base and show less fur between them than. Nannies will have long slender looking horns with a lot of fur between them.
  • A billies horn at the base will be wider than the width of it's eye. A nannie will have a horn base smaller than the width of it’s eye.
  • Yellowish-Brown stains on the rump or hip of a goat is the indication of a billy.
  • Nannies may have kids with them.
  • A mature billy generally has a larger body than a nannie.
  • Urination posture is a good way to determine the sex of a goat. A nannie will squat with her tail up and a billy will stretch forward when they urinate.
  • The length of a mountain goats ear can be used as a tool to approximate the length of it’s horns. The ear of an adult goat is about 6”. A 9” horn will be 1 ½ times the length of the ear.

Getting close and observing mountain goats through a spotting scope for significant time is the key to determining trophy quality.